Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /homepages/37/d124718391/htdocs/personal/textpattern/lib/txplib_db.php on line 14 Elisa Hubbard This above all, to thine own self be true. Sun, 15 Sep 2013 22:42:12 GMT I've Moved! [3] Still leaving this blog up for any links & reference, but I’ve officially moved, & in the process of unpacking, to my new home online !

Hopefully since it’s Wordpress it’ll be easier to RSS follow & keep up with! Going to do my best to keep it more active too!

Click the image & I’ll see you there! Or if you want to go to my first official post then just click here!
New Site


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No More 404 [7] Simply This… Today.

Spotlight Ad

]]> Tue, 12 Jun 2012 14:31:56 GMT Elisa Hubbard,2012-06-12:ce2f89a3a384c3428cf58fa9917362e1/690c7aa13641476a620c5c5b1fdba187 Spotlight Time! Technically I’m getting this posted early, but that’s only because I’M EXCITED! (and I’ll be out of town most of tomorrow for work!) Though I hope you won’t mind seeing this just a little early since you can get in on the celebration early too!!

Spotlight Ad

I’M IN THE SPOTLIGHT AT MSCRAPS!!! (which technically starts April 27!)

This will only last until May 3rd so get it while it’s hot! I have a new kit for you called “Spring Sweet.” which is the Free Kit you can earn. I also have a new kit “Find Some Inspiration.” & new templates that I released last week that you can find on sale now too! Previews of all the new goodies & CT samples coming later this week!

For now! Just excited to post my AD for you!!

Happy Scrapping!

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Project Life - Feb 13th-Mar 25th First, if you are here as part of the Oscraps 6th Birthday Hop, then check my previous post for the goodies! I’m here now for a Project Life update!
Project Life HeaderBet you thought I’d giving up on my Project this year? Nope, still kicking. I let a little thing get me behind, but I’m back & fully caught up on the last 6 weeks. AND I’m starting to see where this first book will break into a second album & I’m excited!

Since this post is going to be image heavy, (eek full 6 weeks worth), I’m going to keep the typing lite. I’m thinking that when this first album is full, (looking like that’ll be on April 30th for my Birthday!), I’ll create a video & talk more detail about the album & just show how it moves. I’ve also went back & added a couple things too, so I think a video would be fun, (though I think I sound dumb so we’ll see!). For now, just the pictures & a huge sigh of relief that I’m caught back up!

Feb 13th-19th
Project Life
Feb 20th-26th
Project Life
Feb 27th-Mar 4th
Project Life
March 5th-11th
Project Life
March 12th-18th
Project Life
March 19th-25th
Project Life

I LOVE IT ALL! I’m so excited to finish this one & start on Book 2! This is how I’m thinking I’ll end it since my weeks are Monday-Sunday. My birthday, April 30th, falls on a Monday so the back of the last spread will be for that which seems like a good stopping point & starting point for the next book!!

Wish me luck on not falling so behind again!!! And sending good vibes to everyone else working on this project & hoping they don’t give up! Keep notes & you’ll be good!

(Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins to take the stress out of scrapbooking.)

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O-Birthday Train! [14] O-Birthday Time, O-Birthday Time! Today Marks A Day You Just Gotta Rhyme!

Yep this is me after a long day… It’s late & I’m getting corny, but guess what! It’s Oscraps 6th Birthday & I’m a little excited I get to be a part of it as a Cheery-O! No celebration would be complete without some presents in the form of a wonderful HUGE hop!!! And believe me, this will only be a small part of what looks to be an AMAZING BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

This Hop is brought to you by the Amazingly Talented O-Designers & my fellow Awesome Cheery-O girls!! We are coming dressed & ready for the start of another fantastic year! We’re 6!!!

Below is what I made for you & guess what? It coordinates with Oscraps March Store Collab: Soiree!!
You can download it HERE or just click the image above!

  • I haven’t gotten any comments here about it, but for those of you with issues on 4Shared I’ve uploaded my part to Box too. Because of file size limits there are 2 Downloads to grab if you use the Box links. Download 1 & Download 2. Hope this will help!! (If you can, use the 4Shared links since I know Box sometimes hits a limit. Just let me know if that’s the case & I’ll see what I can do!)

You should have found your way here from one of my favorite designer’s blogs: Leora Sanford! And I hope your equally excited for the next stop which will take you to my newest favorite designer Anna Aspnes’ blog!!! If you get lost along the way then find your way back to the beginning on the Oscraps blog!

Keep in mind we are all on different time zones, (& I think I’m early since I wanted to get this up before bed), so if not all freebies are up yet, please be patient and check back later. The Hop officially starts at 12AM PST on the 25th!

Enjoy all your Birthday Gifts & remember that everyone who provided one has invested time in making them, so please leave a little thank you note if you can!


Sidenote: Definitely keep in touch with the O-Blog to stay in the Know for all party info!

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Pathless Roads. Last weekend, (I know posting late right?), I finally released a new kit at Mscraps!! And it’s one that just came together once I started. “Pathless Roads.” is about finding our own ways in life & embracing our inner explorers. It’s about embracing our life’s journey & seeking new things & ways of living. I definitely have wanderlust & travel envy, so this is sparked from that too! The kit colors & some patterns were completely inspired by a globe my dad bought me at an auction months ago that is just sitting in my studio.

Since I’m late showing off the gorgeous work of some CT members you can still find Pathless Roads. for 20% OFF AT MSCRAPS through the rest of February!!!!
Pathless Roads Kit Pathless Roads Kit
I’ve always had this wanderer in me. Hopefully I get to explore that more in my life.

In other news, my next Project Life post will be late again this week & maybe I’ll just officially start showing 2 weeks at a time. We’ll see! I’m enjoying showing it off!! And I’m behind on my February goal, let’s just say last weeks mishap threw me off. I’ll get back to scrapping tonight!

Anyway! Enjoy the inspiration! Remember Pathless Roads. is 20% OFF for February!

Happy Wednesday!

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Project Life - Jan 30th-Feb 12th Project Life HeaderAnother 2 weeks down! Week 5 & 6 of 2012! (Aka 2 months completely done for me & the 3rd halfway!)

  • As I was writing this post yesterday I received a phone call from an online retailer about purchases I didn’t make which led to a day dealing with fraudulent purchases & filing a police report. Not the calm easy day I was hoping for…I guess I can see it as something more interesting (but not wanted) thing to add to project life for this week.

Anyway! BACK To The Goodness!!!

I kept both of these weeks on the simple side, but I wanted to include & try out another page protector design that I purchased. This one has a horizontal 6×12 photo spot (actually almost .5 inches longer but I filled that in with some patterned paper).

Here’s a look at the weeks. Going to keep this post short since I’m still dealing with yesterday’s trouble right now. At least these make me smile!

Week of Jan 30th-Feb 5th:
Project Life
Week of Feb 6th-12th:
Project Life
And lastly, I thought this shot would be fun since 2 months are completely done in my book & February is on the way to being done :D
Project Life
(Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins to take the stress out of scrapbooking.)

And just because I think it’s fitting, Becky Higgins’ quote today was “Part of cultivating a good life is knowing that no matter what happens today, you have control of your outlook + attitude.” I needed this.

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Oh Scrap Goals! [3] Yeah, not so good at every day scrapping goals this month, but I think if I stick to just thinking that if I create at least 29 pages this month then it doesn’t matter if I missed a couple days. So tonight I’m scrapping! (Will do gallery uploading tomorrow.)

First my 12 photos on the 12th page for yesterday. I was doing a photoshoot for a friend that does costuming & conventions. We had a blast & she’s one that I admire the confidence she has in her hobbies. I’m not that way & I could learn a lot from her.

And here are a few other pages I made tonight :D

Now to go play with two weeks of Project Life! That post coming tomorrow!!

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Feb Oscraps Challenges By the title I guess you can see that I focused my scrapping today on doing all the challenges at Oscraps! Besides the copycat layout, all the other pages were made today since I’m waiting for my internet to really cooperate so I can upload some photo sessions for clients.

So! Here we go on the challenges! (Alphabetically!)

First up is Selena’s Camera Corner Challenge. We were to photograph something we love, & since I was watching my cousins this weekend I used one of them. Here is Savanna & my love of laughter:
Laughter - Camera Corner Challenge
Next we are embracing Color with Linda where she gave us a delicious drink inspiration image. Just feels like spring! Or Love. So I made this:
Love - Color Challenge
Then my challenge, so I had this layout completed before February. I chose, at the suggestion of another Cheery-O, to go with a larger photo for the Copycat Challenge so I lifted gavinsmum on this one. Here’s my page:
Be Here - Copycat Challenge
In Ona’s Creative Techniques Challenge she’s having us blend using the gradient tool & has a fantastic tutorial to help you follow along! I made this one of my cousin Allie:
None Like You - Creative Techniques Challenge
Now we move on to one of my favorite challenges, & one that rotates, the O-Stash Recipe Challenge with Laurie. There is a list of 10 items, 1 of which is mandatory & then we can pick any 6 or more of the others to include on our page. My page ended up looking like this:
Lovely - O-Stash Challenge
And finally we get to another one of my favorites just because of the sheer variety of pages it produces & that’s Chris’ Web Inspiration Challenge. Plus, since I got to scrap a picture of my mom & I hardly have any of that, that made this challenge a favorite this time around! So here’s my mom:
Black & White Memories - Web Inspiration Challenge
Well! I think that’s all my scrapping adventures for today! I’m hoping tomorrow I can pull out some older not used yet kits & start scrapping from there!

Happy Tuesday!!

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Holiday Tempates 2011: 11-15 Finally getting to play with more of Tiffany’s class templates from December. Part of my issue this year on being behind with these has been a lack of NEW WINTER pictures. This winter hasn’t been “wintery” really yet. And I like NEW photos, lol! So I’m scrapping some more oldies but scrapping! The last page features photos from this past weekend & you can see how sunny & warm it was. Definitely not a typical February! :D
Holiday Templates 2011: template 11 Holiday Templates 2011: template 12Like always in my class posts the layouts side-by-side represent ones that started with the same base template designed by Tiffany Tillman.
Holiday Templates 2011: template 13I’m going to keep my comments to a minimum tonight, & just say a few of these page I made & posted to galleries last month, but the last four here are ones I made tonight as part of my February scrapping goal, (didn’t get scrapping done this weekend since I was babysitting, so making up for it tonight! hehe!).
Holiday Templates 2011: template 14 Holiday Templates 2011: template 15Happy Scrapping!! Happy Monday!!

]]> Tue, 07 Feb 2012 01:48:20 GMT Elisa Hubbard,2012-02-06:ce2f89a3a384c3428cf58fa9917362e1/a8880eae6b2a6384163ce5077963a6d9